Wholesale for dresses – from 5 pieces;
Wholesale for corsets – 10 pieces;
Wholesale for crinoline – 10 pieces.

Next you can make your order:
choose models of corsets, dresses, veil, crinoline you need,
contact us (e-mail, mobile, skype) and discuss your order (color, sizes, skirts and so on) the way of payment and delivery,
make an prepayment 50% of order amount (any money transfer system) (Gold Crown, Western Union, Privat Money, Money Gram or in bank card) after this we start to sew,
When it is ready we inform you and you make pay another 50% of order amount. After this we send your order (ТК «Байкал-Сервис», ТК «ПЭК», ТЭФ «Деловые линии», airmail or EMS) or another convinient way for you.
Note payment on delivery make customer.